March 20, 2024

Winter Escape in Style, Explore the Luxurious Suites at 21 Nettleton

Nestled in the heart of Clifton, Cape Town, atop a majestic vantage point, lies 21 Nettleton – a boutique hotel and villa that redefines the essence of luxury and seclusion. With an unparalleled view of the Twelve Apostles mountain range, this sanctuary is more than just a stay; it’s an experience enveloped in elegance, privacy, and bespoke luxury. As you wander through this exquisite property, each one of our 6 suites tells a story, each corner holds a secret, and every moment is a memory in waiting.

The Vision Behind 21 Nettleton

In 1999, owner Hugo Jankowitz discovered his future sanctuary upon ascending a precarious, temporary staircase that led him to a vantage point above Nettleton Road. There, the majestic sights of Lion’s Head, Table Mountain, the 12 Apostles, and the expansive ocean unfolded before him, instantly revealing the perfect location for his dream home. Envisioning a home that was both timeless and iconic, yet brimming with character, Hugo was inspired to create a space that embodied elegance and distinction. Today, Hugo extends an invitation to share in the beauty and serenity of this remarkable home.

Did you know?

Hugo’s dedication to preserving an uninterrupted view of the Twelve Apostles led him to acquire three properties in Clifton, ensuring that 21 Nettleton would forever enjoy its breathtaking panorama.

Special Offer for Winter Wanderers

In embracing the quieter months, 21 Nettleton’s International Winter Offer invites you to experience this sanctuary of luxury at special rates, encouraging longer stays and deeper exploration. Here, amidst the opulence and serene beauty, the line between staying in and exploring out blurs, as each day promises its collection of serene moments and luxurious experiences.

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A Unique Blend of History, Art, and Luxury

Presidential Penthouse Suite: The Crown Jewel

For those who dream of indulging in the pinnacle of luxury, the Presidential Penthouse Suite at 21 Nettleton answers the call. Perched atop the mansion, the Presidential Penthouse Suite offers sweeping 360-degree views, encapsulating the essence of supreme luxury and utmost privacy. This suite is a sanctuary of elegance, featuring two bathrooms, a steam room, multiple balconies, and a daybed relaxation area. Adorned with Biedermeier pieces, renaissance artworks, and Pixiu dragons for protection, this suite epitomises privacy and luxury. It’s a hotel room with an ambience of early 19th Century Europe – a testament to luxurious living.

Steinway Suite: A Melody of Luxury

One floor below the penthouse, is our suite with a piano, the Steinway Suite. This spacious haven with magnificent views symbolises the blend of luxury and musical heritage. With a private library, separate lounge, and indoor dining area, this suite is a celebration of art and music. Unique pieces like the Turkish silk tapestry and a jade sculpture of monks add to its allure. Decorated with unique artwork and a king-size bed, the suite’s opulence is matched by its breathtaking views, offering a private escape that epitomises sophistication.

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Emperor Suite: Where Cultures Converge

The Emperor Suite is where Africa’s soulful depth meets Asia’s serene elegance. Here, antique meets modern in a dance of styles, with jade art pieces and bronze sculptures telling tales of distant lands. Designed with families in mind, it includes a king-size bed and a cleverly integrated Murphy bed, making it perfect for those travelling with children. This beautiful suite offers a spacious terrace for personal reflections or shared moments, all against the backdrop of majestic views.

Queen Suite: Delicate Beauty

In the Queen Suite, soft pastels and floral designs create a space of warmth and inviting elegance. The suite features a unique blend of art, including the whimsical ‘Giraffe in drag’, set against views that capture the heart. Its large terrace and open-plan design encourage a stay that is as relaxing as it is inspiring, proving ideal for those who appreciate the delicate touches that make a space truly special.

King Room: Majestic Simplicity

Combining simplicity with majestic luxury is the King Room. An outdoor terrace offers intimate views of the ocean and mountains, while the suite itself is a study in refined comfort. Guests are treated to an environment that balances modern aesthetics with timeless luxury, all designed to ensure a stay that is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Lion’s Head Room: Peaceful Solitude

The Lion’s Head Room is a serene retreat where light and tranquillity reign. This intimate space offers guests a peaceful haven, its decor inspired by the natural beauty of Lion’s Head. The room is reminiscent of safaris and is a testament to the quiet beauty that can be found in simplicity and the profound peace of a well-chosen view.

The 21 Nettleton Experience Through the Eyes of Our Guests

21 Nettleton stands as a beacon of unparalleled luxury, offering guests more than just a stay—it promises an experience. But don’t just take our word for it; the true essence of 21 Nettleton is most vividly captured through the voices of those who have walked its halls, slept under its roofs, and gazed out at its stunning vistas.

“Incredible honeymoon stay at 21 Nettleton – amazing staff and perfect location, don’t hesitate to book!
We stayed at 21 Nettleton for 4 nights at the very start of our honeymoon and it was the most incredible place we have ever and probably will ever stay! Could not recommend 21 Nettleton any more highly. We actually weren’t really sure what to expect as there are so few reviews online so we couldn’t really get a sense of what the place is like – after staying there I think this is just a reflection of the fact there are only 6 rooms rather than a reflection on the hotel.”
-Beth P

“By far, one of the most amazing hotel stays I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing!
From the second I walked in I was taken aback by the eclectic beauty of the hotel itself. One could tell that every piece of furniture, artwork and sculpture was hand-picked and thoroughly thought through.
The view of this location is breathtaking, overlooking the entire Atlantic seaboard.
The suit was so perfectly equipped that I could live in it, which I basically did for my entire stay. Very romantic layout and a stunning veranda with your own private view of the ocean.
What impressed me the most was the service. The most friendliest staff with whom we could talk to via an iPad, received upon arrival. This was such a great touch. They were literally at our service at every point of our stay.”

“An Unforgettable Experience at a World-Class Location
Myself and my partner had the most amazing 2 days at 21 Nettleton
The location is perfect, close enough to the many exquisite beaches, restaurants and the V&A Waterfront.
However, funnily enough during our 2 night stay – we ended up not leaving the beautiful hotel at all as the exceptional service of the staff, the attention to detail in operations and the amazing massages one can get IN YOUR ROOM.

I cannot wait for my next visit to this exceptional hotel
Next time it’ll have to be for longer, though :)”
-Jody A

A Sanctuary Beyond Compare

21 Nettleton’s commitment to providing an exclusive, serene retreat is evident in every aspect of its offerings. From the opulent Presidential Penthouse Suite to the tranquil Lion’s Head Room, each space is designed to ensure guests experience unparalleled luxury and privacy. The hotel’s ability to transform into an exclusive-use villa adds to its allure, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a secluded, bespoke getaway.

We pride ourselves on creating an oasis where every need is anticipated and every desire met, ensuring our guests feel thoroughly pampered and profoundly relaxed without ever needing to step outside our doors. From the sumptuously appointed suites to individual preferences, we’ve curated an environment where relaxation and luxury intertwine seamlessly. At our sanctuary, the concept of a holiday transcends mere travel, evolving into an experience of unparalleled rest, rejuvenation, and pure indulgence.

21 Nettleton is not just a destination; it’s a journey to the heart of luxury, privacy, and unparalleled elegance. A journey where each suite becomes a chapter in your story of exquisite escape and where the views, the art, and the ambience weave together to create a tapestry of unforgettable luxury. Welcome to 21 Nettleton, where your extraordinary journey awaits, book your private winter escape from the ordinary now.

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Penthouse at 21 Nettleton

Presedential Penthouse

80m² / 2 Adults

Steinway Suite

80m² / 2 Adults

Steinway Suite

80m² / 2 Adults
Penthouse at 21 Nettleton

Presedential Penthouse

80m² / 2 Adults

Steinway Suite

80m² / 2 Adults

Steinway Suite

80m² / 2 Adults